Écran tactile pour Samsung S7260 Galaxy Star Plus, S7262 Galaxy Star Plus Duos Téléphones Portables, (blanc)

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A touchscreen is an electronic visual display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within a display area. Touchscreens can sense both fingers and stylus. Touchscreen of the smartphone allows to interact directly with what is displayed: flipp through the photos, navigate around web pages and even type without usual keyboard. You can buy at our online store various original and qualititave copies of touchscreens. Usually good touchscreens have large screen and high resolution. We sell iPhone, iPod Touch, Cell Phones, Cell Phones, Cell Phones and more.
Before ordering a touchscreen, make sure that it is compatible with your cell phone / tablet.
Our article « How to Choose the Touchscreen for a Chinese Tablet or Cell Phone? » Will help you to identify the right touchscreen.
If the touchscreen is not working or you face any difficulties with installation, use tips from our article. Also, look for additional information in Tips Section on the product page.
Note! When substituting the touch screen for its contact with the display or metal frame. Otherwise, it may cause unintentional activation, malfunctioning or axis shifting.

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